The Flexon 3 Tube Sprinkler Garden Hose is designed for flexibility and versatility. Its unique three-tube configuration provides a 40-foot spray pattern, and can be used as a sprinkler or soaker. Durably constructed of rubber and vinyl, this...

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The ORIGINAL PEST OFFENSE Electronic Pest Repellers Model #:POBD-I-01 Chemical free solution to pest control. This patented technology is an easy and safe solution that requires no maintenance or disposal of rodents or insects. Pest simply leave...

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The Attack Wave Pestrepeller¿ is an effective, user friendly and environmentally safe way to combat rodents. The device produces strong sound pressure in the air, attacking the auditory and nervous systems of rodents causing them to abandon their...

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Stinger Indoor Insect Trap Easy Pull Out Drawer For EmptyingEnvironmentally SafeUV White Light Attracts Flying Insects To TrapPowerful, Quiet Fan Draws Insects Into Internal Trap Where They Dehydrate & DieNo chemicals - environmetally...

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The easiest trap to use, the Victor Quick Set Mouse Trap is set and released with one simple “click” and poses no risk to fingers. Each trap can then be placed against the wall for immediate mouse control. When the rodent is trapped, a simple...

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The Grass Gator Light Duty replacement trimmer head will fit 99% of all gas trimmers. It is designed for light duty gas trimmers with engines of 25 cc or less, but will work on all trimmers. It is excellent for both grass and weeds, and the tough...

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The Grass Gator heavy Duty replacement blades, part no. 4610, are designed for the Grass Gator Heavy Duty trimmer head #4600. Heavy Duty Nylon Replacement Blades For Model #4600This product is highly durableThis product is manufactured in...

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Grape Oval Tub with Feet. Can be used to chill bottles of wine or juice, displaying flowers or a plant, or as a decorative accent piece. Napa Home & Garden's Tuscany Collection features white glazed ceramic pottery that is a must-have for any...

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All tires come with ball bearings and white finished wheels. Wheel is 15.5in. O.D. Tire Type: Pneumatic, Tubeless Tire: No, Bearings Included: Yes, Rim Size (in.): 8, Load Capacity (lbs.): 350, Tire Size: 4.80/4.00-8, Rim Included: Yes, Tread...

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Ladybugs, as cute as they are, are voracious predators! They feed on a variety of insects, including mites and aphids, and can thus help keep your garden healthy and beautiful. Encourage these beneficial bugs to hang around your garden with the...

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Elbows are used to change the direction in piping and sometimes called an Eighth Bend. This product is made in United States. Fitting SuppliesUsed to change direction in pipingPVC Schedule 40 pressure fittingsConveniently packaged in quantities...

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The 4 ft wide Jump Start T5 Grow Light System is ideal for seedlings, cuttings, flowers and house plants. The super efficient T5 lights help you grow faster by providing 15-20% more lumens than traditional grow lights. It features a simple toggle...

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For use with Easy Heat pipe heating cable. Wraps around cable and pipe. States that pipe is being electrically heated on outside of tape. Manufactured in chinaEasy to useHighly durableUse to apply cable to pipe for freeze free pipes1/2-Inch by...

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Marathon Flat Free tires provide the bounce and load handling characteristics similar to an air-filled tire with the benefit of never going flat. 11x4.00-5" Tire. 11" Tire Diameter. 4" Tire Width.Flat Free Tire made of solid, polyurethane foam....

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Founded in the early 1920s, Corona is a leader in the marketing and manufacturing of professional and consumer tools for the lawn and garden, landscape, irrigation, construction and agriculture markets. With a retail and distribution network that...

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How It Works Scare-Eye Balloons are 3D visual deterrents that imitate the glaring eyes & gaping mouth of a predator bird. The reflective and bright-colored Mylar eyes and tails, along with the additional effect of the entire balloon moving with...

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10 pack, 1/2", Schedule 40, PVC cap, contractor pack. This product is highly durable. This product is easy to use. This product is manufactured in china. Manufactured in chinaEasy to useHighly durableUsed to cap pipeConveniently packaged in...

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Don't let pesky mosquitoes and other insects ruin your backyard parties, picnics, and barbecues. The Blue Rhino SkeeterVac Mosquito Eliminator's FineTune baiting system transforms clean-burning propane into CO2 to attract mosquitoes into its trap....

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Male adapter; Adapts pressure pipe to standard female pipe threads; Thread seal tape is recommended for threaded joints. Male adapterAdapts pressure pipe to standard female pipe threadsThread seal tape is recommended for threaded jointsAdapts...

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Oregon 72-458 Semi-pneumatic wheel, 8x200 7009538x200Inside Diameter 1/2-inchHub: plastic gear - white, hub length: 1.6-inchGear tread...

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Replacement blade fits GS700 grass shears.Black & Decker's Replacement Blade for the GS700 grass shear model is a factory-sharpened, three-inch hardened steel blade that provides superior cutting performance even after repeated use. Easy to...

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